A purpose driven team with unique expertise

flow²thrive is a boutique consulting firm focused on the human side of digital, employee wellbeing and potential optimisation.

Together with our strategic partners, and a wider global ecosystem of technology, medical and academic collaboration partners, we bring a unique combination of digital transformation, behavioural change, human capital, corporate wellbeing, applied neuroscience and integrative medicine expertise.

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Starting out in Dubai in early 2018, primarily working with clients across the Middle East, we now also work with clients in Europe from our base in Stockholm and in Switzerland through a strategic partnership with AOAIO in Zurich.

flow²thrive leadership team

flow²thrive is owned and led by Linda Jarnhamn and Brigitte van Kwikkelberghe.

Having known each other for nearly two decades, the two have now come together through shared ambition and values, combining strong HR, digital and business transformation expertise with applied neuroscience-based principles.


Managing Partner

Linda Jarnhamn

flow²thrive for me is a journey to discover what truly makes us thrive in an increasingly connected, yet often disconnected world.

The idea to flow²thrive stems from a personal fascination with neuroscience and a deep urge to make real difference in the world of work.

Unprecedented digital advancements, combined with unhealthy work environments, ways of working and living pose a whole new set of challenges to organisations and individuals alike.

Key question for me, right now, is: will the digital revolution lead to human devolution? How can we unleash human potential now, and in the future of work?

We have an enormous opportunity in front of us. By going beyond buzz words, trends and simplified solutions, we can meet the future of work well prepared and together achieve sustainable success.

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Managing Partner

Brigitte van Kwikkelberghe

flow²thrive for me is a journey to discover how we can optimise wellbeing and performance in an environment of unprecedented change.

flow²thrive represents the coming together of my background in psychology, a personal passion and interest in health and performance, and almost 20 years of experience in senior and high-paced corporate positions.

I can’t help but wonder; with so much knowledge and information available, why do we continue to work and live in ways that damage our health and wellbeing?

Why are we, companies and individuals, insisting on behaviors and habits, that have been proven not to be beneficial for our health and lasting success and positive impact?

With the right knowledge and tools, it is possible to implement initiatives which will bring a positive and measurable impact and to make employee wellbeing a shared responsibility, and that is what we set out to do at flow²thrive.

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