We have developed a holistic, human centric,
technology enabled approach & eco-system where we’re assessing & addressing:

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Our approach helps companies & individuals make more informed, conscious choices around their ways of working and living that can help them thrive.

the flow²thrive multipliers

The seven multipliers form the core of our approach and the flow²thrive index: nutrition, exercise, recharge, sleep, social, development, nature. The multipliers have all been scientifically proven to, independently, impact an individual’s ability to feel, be and perform at their best.

flow2thrive | 7 multipliers | feel, be and perform at your best

the flow²thrive index

With the flow²thrive index, you can establish a holistic view of your orgnaisation’s wellbeing baseline and you will obtain data for strategic planning & ongoing progress measurement

Provides data & insights: Detailed insights into how the work environment, ways of working and individual lifestyle choices impact employees’ ability to feel, be & perform at their best.

Results in measured impact: Provides a baseline for ongoing progress tracking; where the impact of initiatives and programmes can be analysed and assessed and where individual activity can be linked to overall progress


A core objective of the index is to create awareness and ownership of actions, both amongst leaders, and employees. By being aware of how ‘’influencers’’ and ‘’disruptors’’ in our environment can impact our ability to feel, be & perform at our best, individuals will be able to make informed and conscious choices around how they work and live and organisations to take strategic and data driven decisions as to where to invest money to improve performance, wellbeing and vitality.

how we are different

  • We take a holistic view. We have developed a methodology which covers the three areas which can impact the physical and mental health and performance of employees, at and outside of work: place of work, way of working, way of living.
  • We believe in purposeful, impactful action. We don’t sell solutions based on what we know, on hypotheses or trends. We identify and validate issues using actionable data and assess against desired outcomes, only then will we bring in the right expert(s) to help solve the issues using evidence-supported solutions.
  • We create sustainable change. We aren’t about matching your organisation to wellness providers,  running one-off events or selling tools. At the heart of our methodology we strive to truly change organisational and individual habits to achieve sustained change.
  • We base our method on the brain – body connection. We focus on both physical and mental health - on fixing issues and on maximising potential and performance.
  • We understand business issues. We come from the world of business. We understand organisations, HR related issues and how to facilitate behavioural change.
  • We believe that together we’re stronger. We don’t try to be and do it all. We collaborate with leading scientists and experts.We fundamentally believe that the only way to deliver superior and ground breaking solutions is through partnerships based on mutual ambition, values and trust.
  • We apply game-changing welltech in business. We are bringing innovative scientifically validated technology to the market to objectively measure stress, resilience, brain processing and cognitive performance so we can help you take data-driven action.
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