If you do one thing this season. Take time out to recharge.

Christmas is supposed to be a time to enjoy, to connect with friends and family and to relax. Instead, it’s become the most stressful month of the year. The Instagram pictures we see include friends sipping a glass of wine by the open fire, happily ice-skating by Summerset in House in London, or rolling around in fake snow at one of the Dubai Christmas fairs. A beautiful wonder wonderland, when reality is often as far away from the Instagram post you could ever imagine.

How did we get here?

The world is obsessed with time, doing things, producing things. We rarely let our brains rest, recover and recharge. We’re running lifelong Brainathlons and this is putting massive pressure on our physical and mental health and we often forget to enjoy life in the process.

Cognitive overload is an ignored or undiscovered fact in many organisations, and by many individuals.

The results from our flow2thrive index illustrate this over and over again. We don’t take breaks, we don’t switch off at night and we don’t take proper holidays. We’re bombarded by information, and we’re bombarding ourselves with information. In addition to this, we don’t sleep enough. This is hugely dangerous. Yet, most peoples’ response to this will be: I’m too busy. Too busy to later become part of the appalling forecasts for physical and mental ill-health and cognitive decline.

Our Christmas gift to you will come early.

Have a jolly Christmas!.png

We’ll provide you with a Recharge Advent Calendar.

Each day, we at flow2thrive will cover a topic related to rest, recovery or recharge. We’ll give you hints and tips. To help you start taking baby steps towards a less stressful Christmas (and life). We will share inspiring stories from people who have changed how they work and live. To inspire you, to start making small changes.

Give yourself a different Christmas present this year. For your brain’s sake. To keep it healthy. You only have one life. One brain. At least for now.

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