My personal journey to flow²thrive

I used to live a corporate life similar to that of many of my generation. I worked myself as hard as I could. I multitasked. I worked late. I worked weekends. I worked on my holidays. I didn’t sleep. I didn’t exercise. I prioritised work instead of friends and family. I truly believed these habits made me more efficient and productive, more successful. I now know differently. I know a lot of the science behind why this is not the case, and I recognise many people still believe this is the only way to work. 

During my 15+ years career in HR, organisational change and transformation, I have also witnessed ‘’from the outside’’ the impact that unhealthy work environments, cultures and lifestyles can have on individuals. It is sad to see how often employees sacrifice their own mental and physical health, for ‘’success’’, not realising that, not only are they increasing their risk for future diseases and wasting valuable energy, they’re also operating below their optimal potential. 

From a corporate perspective, this is incredibly important. Employees are unhappy and unproductive at work and the work environment is potentially damaging their current and future health. The main issue is that many of the habits we have developed over the past 20 years, with good intention, are based on the belief that they make us more efficient, but they are instead making people sick and organisations less successful. 

My idea to flow²thrive stems from a fascination with neuroscience and especially the brain-body connection. It was during a project for an MSc in Applied Neuroscience (which I have since put on hold, to focus on this) that I realised the enormous opportunity we have in front of us. By going beyond the ‘’latest trends’’ and simplified solutions, we can achieve a lot more but we need to do it in a way that’s different to what we often see today. By doing that, we can inspire and influence society, organisations and individuals to recognise what truly makes them thrive – how they can feel, be & perform at their best. 

flow²thrive is a journey, a journey to discover what truly makes us thrive by making conscious choices around how we work and live in an increasingly connected world.