My personal story to flow2thrive…

  • The journey I’ve been on to recover my balance both physically and figuratively in the last 6 years has brought alive the value of a more healthy and balanced lifestyle the 7 multipliers: nutrition, purposeful rest, development, reconnecting with nature, movement, the critical value of sleep, and maintaining social connections. I learned the hard way not to neglect them, and I’ve learned to flow with new habits to regain my mental strength and balance.
  • Along the way, I have developed a fascination with how the brain grows, changes and develops and how the way we treat our bodies is inextricably linked to our mental health and performance, and vice versa. The role of neuroscience in our physical, mental and organisational health is critical.
  • Building on my experience in people and organisation development and change, and in order to create purpose from a life-changing episode, most recently I have been coaching mid-career professionals for the past xx years. We focus on making sustainable change both in mindset and habits as well as in the external environment and commitments so they know how to take care of themselves, their career and their families. Meanwhile, my clients have encountered various environmental and organisational barriers that get in the way of their wellness goals. 
  • The opportunity to co-create flow2thrive to inspire real sustainable changes that enable individuals and organisations to thrive through how they live and work is irresistible. My clients learn that our values drive our behaviours. My own top 5 are health, choice, family, professionalism and quality. I’m passionate about helping others make conscious choices about how they live their lives well, and it’s important to me to walk my talk, which is why I have chosen to partner with Linda and Aaron to continue to make an impact by enabling organisations and their people to feel, be and perform at their best.