We take a holistic, neuroscience-based, impact-focused approach

We focus on brain energy management, mental and physical wellbeing risk and cognitive performance potential as key components to sustainable success. We believe that our current work and life habits are putting our future at risk, as we’re simply living lives opposite to what our brain and bodies were built for. We believe this needs to change.

We believe that at the core, we’re all different

All of us are different, and each day is different. A multitude of factors can impact both physical, mental wellbeing and cognitive performance. Few companies recognise this, which is why the now often applied ‘’one-size-fits-all’’ solutions to wellbeing, performance and behavioural change do not work. Scientific principles can inform and guide us, but what we focus on needs to be individual and specific.


A balanced combination of factors will have the greatest impact

Neuroscience has illustrated that several work and lifestyle factors can impact wellbeing and performance positively, or negatively. Our goal is to allow companies and individuals to explore what makes them thrive - physically, mentally and cognitively. Our methodology covers three areas and recognises a shared responsibility in taking action.

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Place of Work

Our physical and mental wellbeing, as well as cognitive performance are constantly influenced and impacted (positively or negatively) by our work environment. Factors such as office layout, equipment, air quality, temperature, sound and lighting constantly play a role in our working lives but are often forgotten about.


Way of Working

A large body of research has provided strong evidence that habits of being ''always on'', sitting still in front of a screen, with frequent interruptions, constant multi-tasking, without proper breaks can impact our physical and mental wellbeing negatively. It can lead to burnout, anxiety, depression, presenteeism, absenteeism, chronic physical and mental diseases and lead to reduced cognitive performance.

Way of Living

Science has also illustrated that a number of ''lifestyle factors'' can impact both our emotional, mental and physical wellbeing as well as cognitive performance. Impact can work both ways: it can have a positive, or a negative impact. The impact can also be short-term and/or long-term.

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Whilst scientific principles can guide us, exactly what we decide to focus on in our lives need to be specific to each of us. The flow²thrive Way of Living Multiplier Model has been developed to help your employees determine the habits that can help them feel, be & perform at their best.

We use data analytics to measure impact and outcomes

To change, we need to feel and experience a positive impact of the changes we’re making. We use innovative, neuroscience-based digital tools, game-changing bio- and neuro-feedback technology to measure key physical-, mental health and cognitive performance indicators, subjectively through the flow²thrive index and objectively working with our strategic partners.


We believe it is critical to always establish a baseline, to help create awareness and engagement, to then measure activity, progress, impact and return. Our aim is to help companies take a more data-driven and impact focused approach to wellbeing and potential optimisation.

We take a human-centric approach to digital transformation & the future of work

Our Human Transformation methodologies and services are based on applied neuroscience principles centered around the science of emotions, energy, social connection and memory. For more information, click here.