the flow²thrive team

flow²thrive is founded by Linda Jarnhamn based in Sweden, and Dr Shefali Verma based in the UAE.

The two of us have come together through shared ambition and values, with strong expertise and scientific validation. Fundamentally, we want to make a difference. We want to help companies and individuals to feel, be & perform at their best.

We practice what we preach, and we are always:

  • Purposeful & passionate

  • Collaborative & honest

  • Curious & bold, yet pragmatic

But, we can’t do it all on our own. That is why we have developed an ecosystem of strategic partners who will be involved when their specific expertise is required, to help us deliver targeted, leading edge and sustainable solutions.



flow²thrive founder

Linda Jarnhamn

I used to live a corporate life similar to that of many of my generation. I worked myself as hard as I could. I multitasked. I worked late. I worked weekends. I worked on my holidays. I didn’t sleep. I didn’t exercise. I prioritised work instead of friends and family. I truly believed these habits made me more efficient and productive, more successful. I now know differently. I know a lot of the science behind why this is not the case, and I recognise many people still believe this is the only way to work. Maybe you are one of them?


flow²thrive co-founder

Dr Shefali Verma

Dr. Shefali, is an Integrative Medical Practitioner with a special interest in Functional Medicine and Partner/Medical Director of the Institute for Biophysical Medicine in Dubai.

She has held many prestigious appointments, working with major organisations, government offices and private clients. Some of the corporate engagements include The Prime Minister’s Office, Executive Council (Dubai) and Emirates NBD.

In 2017, she was awarded one the top 50 Outstanding Women in Healthcare and in 2018 top 100 Leaders in Healthcare at the World Health and Wellness Congress.