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Science is illustrating that a number of ''lifestyle factors'' can impact both our emotional/mental and physical wellbeing as well as cognitive performance. Impact can be both ways - it can have a positive, or a negative impact. It can also be short-term and/or long-term. 

All of us are different, and each day is different. The flow²thrive method and multipliers have been developed to help organisations and their employees to feel, be & perform at their best, through learning, self-discovery and changes to daily habits. 

We have developed an ecosystem of game-changing technology providers and leading edge service providers, who can be part of our programmes and make sure that we develop the right solutions for you.

360-Health-Performance | flow2thrive

360 Health & Performance

360 H&P has a rich heritage in elite professional sport. Members of the team coach European, PGA Tour and LPGA Tour players and have supported several successful Ryder Cup teams. Their scope, however, goes beyond sport. 360 delivers cutting-edge wellness programmes for senior executives who want to be truly proactive and personalised in their health.

360 is collaborating with flow²thrive to deliver a complete ecosystems of products and services to support talent and executives, integrated together seamlessly in a 90-day programme. This includes cutting-edge technology, group education, private coaching, wellness products, and access to concierge medicine should that ever be required.


flabuless powered by Rewardz | flow2thrive


Flabuless is a corporate wellness platform that’s created to gamify wellbeing in the workplace. This fun system keeps staff healthy and productive with loads of incentives and rewards to motivate them. Get your employees moving (literally!) with a Steps Challenge, inject oomph into your weight loss challenges with their seamless weigh in technology and real-time weight loss leaderboards.


Fruitful Day | flow2thrive


Fruitfulday's vision is to make a healthy lifestyle easier and more accessible to all. When you are spending the majority of your day focused on work, it can be difficult to make healthy choices.

Providing tasty, fresh fruit to your employees on a regular basis is a cost-effective way to demonstrate your commitment to the quality of their lives. With employees spending more than half of their waking life at work, employers have a key role to play in promoting a healthy lifestyle.

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The Psychiatry & Therapy Centre

The Psychiatry and Therapy Centre’s vision is of a mentally strong and resilient society, in which individuals lead fulfilling lives. They aim to provide access to world class mental health and psychology support for the alleviation of psychological and mental distress. They provide treatment through medical care and talking therapies and coaching. The clinic offers in collaboration with flow²thrive workshops, seminars and training to help organisations improve mental wellbeing in the workplace, through early identification of employee needs, education and prevention.


Dr Shefali Verma

Dr. Shefali, is an Integrative Medical Practitioner with a special interest in Functional Medicine and Partner/Medical Director of the Institute for Biophysical Medicine in Dubai. She has held many prestigious appointments, working with major organisations, government offices and private clients. Some of the corporate engagements include The Prime Minister’s Office, Executive Council (Dubai) and Emirates NBD. In 2017, she was awarded one the top 50 Outstanding Women in Healthcare and in 2018 top 100 Leaders in Healthcare at the World Health and Wellness Congress.


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