flow²thrive is here to help companies & individuals to
feel, be & perform at their best. 

flow2thrive | feel, be and perform at your best

...to ultimately, together, thrive in a digitalised world of work.

A growing epidemic of bad habits.

Unhealthy working spaces and habits, sedentary work/lifestyles, insufficient sleep and poor diets have become the norm, impacting both physical and mental health and cognitive performance negatively.

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Many companies are continuously failing to address the these issues properly.

‘’Employee wellness programmes’’ are increasingly being introduced, but they rarely succeed in delivering to expectations, or result in sustainable change.

We believe this needs to change!

The key challenge is that organisations often focus only on a small piece of the ''wellbeing puzzle'': employees' ways of living and physical health, ignoring or forgetting that the wider corporate environment, culture and habits can also impact mental health and cognitive performance.

This is how the idea of flow²thrive was born.

We work with companies to help them make informed and conscious choices around where their employees work, the culture that they work in and the lifestyle choices they make.

Choices that will allow individuals to feel, be & perform at their best and companies to invest money in support and initiatives predicted, through thorough assessments and analysis, to have the most positive impact and value to both employees and companies alike.

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how we work

We take a holistic view. 

We have developed a methodology which covers the three areas which can impact the physical and mental health and performance of employees, at and outside of work:

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We believe in purposeful, impactful action.

We don’t sell solutions based on what we know, on hypotheses or trends. We identify and validate issues using actionable data and assess against desired outcomes; only then will we bring in the right expert(s) to help solve the issues using evidence-supported solutions.

We work with some of the worlds leading well tech companies, academics and wellbeing experts.


We have developed a new approach to corporate wellbeing. We focus on both physical and mental health to maximise potential and performance. We can help you assess, design and implement impactful, targeted and sustainable programmes which will help both you and your employees feel, be & perform at your best.

  • Vision & ambition setting

  • Strategy development

  • Value & impact assessment

  • Leadership programmes

  • flow²thrive workshops


We use innovative scientifically validated technology to objectively measure stress, resilience, brain processing and cognitive performance. The technology we use can help you set a baseline, create engagement, measure activity, outcomes, impact and return, and ultimately, help you take data-driven decisions and actions.

  • Technology advice/selection

  • Activity tracking: wearables

  • Stress/rescilience assessments

  • Brain processing assessments

  • Change enablers


We fundamentally believe that the only way to deliver superior and ground breaking solutions is through partnerships based on mutual ambition, values and trust. We have developed a collaborative ecosystem of leading companies, scientists and experts, across place of work, way of working and way of living. .

  • Strategic business partnerships

  • Academic collaboration

  • Solution provider advice

  • Tailored programmes

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