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in a digital and constantly changing world of work


 A rapidly evolving human potential gap

The world of work is undergoing unprecedented change

Where and how we work is being transformed. Digital tools are increasingly acquiring the cognitive responsibilities previously held only by humans, leading to existential questions about the role of humans at work.


Technical revolution, human devolution

At the same time, deeply ingrained habits, 24/7 work, sedentary lifestyles, insufficient sleep and poor diets have become the norm, with severe impact on the physical, mental health and cognitive performance of employees.

Significant sums of money spent on digital transformation & wellbeing initiatives

Many companies are now working on future proofing their existence. Business and operating models are transformed and corporate wellbeing initiatives are introduced to address the now visible and often painful outcomes of decades of destructive work and life habits.

Progress or increased hype, activity & corporate spend?


Opportunity to future proof sustainable success

We believe progress is being made, but the approach needs to change to optimise impact and spend. By establishing new norms fit for the future, through purposeful, data driven analysis we will get to measurable outcomes, with impact at both individual & organisational level.


Applied neuroscience-based, data-driven methods & tools

We have developed a number of holistic, applied neuroscience-based, data driven methods and tools to help companies address the human side of digital transformation, corporate wellbeing and high performance.

What we do

We address topics critical for a sustainable & successful future


Human side of change & transformation

Neuroscience based behavioural change

Cultural transformation & ways of working

Talent & performance optimization

Wellbeing data, analytics & programme optimisation

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Wellbeing strategy & program design

Wellbeing program optimisation

Sustainable employee wellbeing & performance

Inspiration & awareness raising presentations

Human potential optimization workshops

Leadership vitality & high-performance