We use innovative and scientifically validated technology to objectively measure stress, resilience and cognitive performance, to set a baseline, create engagement, measure activity, impact and return, so you can take data-driven actions.

Two of our technology partners are outlined below:

360 Health & Performance    


360 has developed industry-leading autonomic nervous system analytics app to quantify wellbeing, stress & resciliency. The measurement takes just over one minute to complete, is user-friendly and backed up by 1750 clinical research papers to cover the  technology and coaching that goes into the app. The result provides intelligent protection for an employee's physical and mental health.


The 360 app measures the most important health and performance marker in mobile: autonomic balance. The Autonomic nervous system is the control centre for the body and brain, and understanding how it is responding to stress, change and environmental influences is crucial for proactive health and wellness interventions.

When an employee checks in on the app, they get a subjective and objective wellness score. This feedback guides them on what their body needs, how to use movement, nutrition and sleep to look after their energy and wellbeing.



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Rewardz work with organizations to engage employees, promote wellbeing and boost productivity through gamification and inbuilt spot rewards. Since their inception in 2012, they have been consistently recognized for their innovative technology and value delivered to clients. Their well-thought platforms fuel greater levels of involvement at the workplace through incentivized rewards and much more. Their offerings include:

Cerra points | technology | flow2thrive

CERRA Points

A daily rewarding platform designed to Connect, Engage, Recognize, Reward and Appreciate your employees. They firmly believe, what gets appreciated and recognized the most, gets repeated. Always.

CERRA can help reinforce a culture of recognition to reward employees with real, significant and recurring rewarding system that not only resonates at an individual level, but is also aligned in accordance with the company’s goals. Companies can customise a recognition programme to drive employee behaviours that matter most to their success.

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A corporate wellness platform that’s created to gamify wellbeing and health in the
workplace. This fun system keeps staff healthy and productive with loads of incentives and rewards to motivate them. Get your employees moving (literally!) with a Steps Challenge, inject oomph into your weight loss challenges with their seamless weigh in technology and real-time weight loss leaderboards.

This fun system keeps staff healthy and productive with loads of incentives and rewards to motivate staff to stay fit. Through the program and app, employees earn points whenever they complete an activity that may improve their health and wellness, such as completing a workout, checking into an affiliated health facility, or company wellness event or having a check-up performed at their doctor.